"RELEASE: New ad supports pro-small business legislation in CT"

"When a small business succeeds, it's not just our economy that gets stronger; it's our families and our communities. That's a win-win for CT.”– Jorge Garcia, Director of the Bridgeport-based New England Operations for A+ Technologies

Milford, CT (May 16, 2017) – Today, the Campaign for Tomorrow’s Jobs, a nonprofit focused on growing CT’s economy, launched a new video ad titled, “Small Business.” The ad, running statewide, urges state lawmakers to pass pro-small business legislation.
The ad highlights two pro-small business bills: The first would allow more types of businesses to qualify for the state’s angel investor tax credit (H.B. 5583), and the second would establish a hotline for small business owners (H.B. 5584). Both bills have been passed by the state’s House of Representatives, and await Senate approval and the governor’s signature.
The 30-second spot features Bridgeport-native Jorge Garcia. He’s currently the director of the Bridgeport-based New England operations for A+ Technologies.
“Small businesses like ours employ about half of CT’s workers,” says Garcia in the ad. “And state lawmakers can help us grow that number by cutting red tape and increasing our ability to attract investors. Because every job that a small business creates is another opportunity for a person in our community to get ahead. When a small business succeeds, it's not just our economy that gets stronger; it's our families and our communities. That’s a win-win for CT.”

To watch the ad, “Small Business,” click herehttp://bit.ly/2rlAlE7.

Brett Broesder, co-founder and vice president of Campaign for Tomorrow’s Jobs, hails the two pro-small business bills as pro-growth measures that will help make CT more business-friendly.
“Small businesses have accounted for more than half of post-recession jobs nationwide,” says Broesder. “For CT to win the competition for tomorrow’s small business jobs, we need to show that CT is open for business. By expanding eligibility under the state’s angel investor tax program, and creating a small business hotline, lawmakers will signal to job creators that our state is willing and able to take steps in a business-friendly direction.”
The ad comes one week after the Campaign for Tomorrow's Jobs released its first ad, encouraging state lawmakers to support a bill that would create a manufacturer’s permit for farm breweries, and allow permittees to advertise their product as “Connecticut Craft Beer.”

To watch the ad, “Farm Brewery,” click herehttp://bit.ly/2qSBFyZ.

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