"RELEASE: On International Beer Day, CT's booming craft beer industry receives bipartisan support"

Milford, Conn. (August 4, 2017) – Today, as beer drinkers across the globe celebrate International Beer Day, a bipartisan group of lawmakers are highlighting the significant impact that the state’s booming craft beer industry is having on the Nutmeg State’s economy and job creation.
They’re also highlighting that the growing craft beer sector in Connecticut is showing no signs of slowing down, especially when it comes to winning the competition for tomorrow’s good-paying industry jobs over our neighboring states. There are around 50 craft breweries online in Connecticut, and more than 40 new ones in the planning stages. Not only are craft breweries growing across the state, they’re booming nationwide. In fact, three decades ago, there were less than 125 breweries nationwide. Today, there are more than 5,300, accounting for more than 424,000 jobs.
In response, Brett Broesder, co-founder and Vice President of the Campaign for Tomorrow’s Jobs – an advocacy group that ran ads in favor of and actively supported a Farm Brewery Bill (H.B. 5928) this year, which was passed by the General Assembly unanimously and recently signed into law – noted that the craft beer industry currently has more than a half-billion dollar impact on the Nutmeg State’s economy annually, according to the Brewers Association.
“Connecticut’s post-recession job growth is lagging behind the national average, but it’s on the rebound, and the strength of our state’s craft beer industry is playing a role in bolstering job growth,” said Broesder. “And, the future looks bright, especially in light of a new pro-craft brewery law that will allow farm brewers in the state to grow and thrive. When a farm and a brewery partner up, it supports local businesses and creates markets for homegrown products. That’s a win-win for Connecticut.”
The new farm brewers law creates a permit that allows permittees to make, store, bottle, distribute, and sell up to 75,000 gallons of beer a year, and to advertise their product as “Connecticut Craft Beer.”
In neighboring states, farm brewery permit laws have resulted in significant growth for the craft beer industry. For example, in New York, since farm brewery permits became available in 2013, more than 160 businesses have obtained licenses in 50 counties across the state, creating jobs and boosting the state's economy.
State Representative James Albis (D), who championed the Farm Brewery Bill in the General Assembly, stated that the craft beer sector in Connecticut provides resident beer drinkers with a lot to celebrate.
“Connecticut's craft beer sector continues to grow and put more and more people to work in our state,” said Representative Albis. “I'm proud that the legislature has continuously supported this industry in innovative ways, including creating a farm brewery permit this year. We have a lot to celebrate in Connecticut on International Beer Day!”
State Representative Pam Staneski (R) noted that pro-craft brewery legislation, including the Farm Brewery Bill, helps businesses and consumers alike.
“Connecticut made a step in the right direction with our craft brewery legislation,” said Representative Staneski. “It supports local businesses, increases the market, and creates jobs. It’s a win for our farms, breweries, and the consumer.”
State Representative Chris Rosario (D) noted that in the state’s largest city, Bridgeport, and in the state’s Capital City, Hartford, craft breweries are growing and thriving.
“Cheers to International Beer Day and to Connecticut’s growing craft beer industry,” said Representative Rosario. “From Brewport and Aspetuck in Bridgeport, to Hog River and Hanging Hills in Hartford – and all of the other great breweries and taprooms across the state – the Nutmeg State’s craft beer industry is on the upswing. We’re well positioned to keep the state’s brewpub momentum going well into the future.”
State Senator Art Linares (R) asserted that the state’s craft beer industry continues to give Connecticut job seekers something to cheer about.
“Craft breweries across Connecticut are creating good-paying jobs and boosting our economy,” said State Senator Art Linares. “As we look to better compete with our neighboring states for jobs both today and tomorrow, small businesses in the craft beer industry are giving job seekers something to cheer about. Cheers to International Beer Day and to our state’s hardworking craft brewers.”
State Representative Kim Rose (D) noted that Connecticut’s nearly 50 craft breweries and counting are creating jobs and strengthening the state’s economy.
“The craft beer industry is creating jobs and strengthening our economy,” said Representative Rose. “Connecticut is currently home to around 50 craft breweries, and the economic impact of the state’s craft beer industry is $569 million annually. With the new farm brewery law, our state will be in an even better position to create jobs in this already thriving industry. Cheers!”
State Representative Jesse MacLachlan (R) echoed the positive economic impacts that the craft beer industry is having statewide, adding that it bolsters agriculture and tourism, too.
“Connecticut’s craft breweries create terrific beer, and more importantly, they have a positive impact on our state’s economy by creating jobs, supporting agriculture, and promoting tourism,” said Representative MacLachlan. “The craft beer industry is thriving, and continues to expand, even as our state has suffered from a slower than the national average job recovery rate. Happy International Beer Day, and as a state lawmaker, I’ll continue fighting for the craft beer industry, and other job-creating industries, that are helping to put residents to work while growing our state’s economy.”
State Representative Stephanie Cummings (R) added: “I’m proud to support small businesses in Connecticut, and thrilled that the craft beer industry in our state continues to grow and expand.”

  • To read more about the new farm brewery law, click herehttp://bit.ly/2v3eljh.
  • To watch a video ad in support of the Farm Brewery Bill (H.B. 5928) featuring Kent Falls Brewing Company owner Barry Labendz, click herehttps://youtu.be/okJAVQQOLU4.

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