"RELEASE: Campaign for Tomorrow's Jobs launches new podcast"

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Milford, Connecticut (September 11, 2017) – Today, the Campaign for Tomorrow’s Jobs – a non-profit advocacy group focused on helping to grow Connecticut’s economy – announced the launch of a new podcast series featuring in-depth conversations with major players in state politics, business, and media.
New episodes of “The Tomorrow’s Jobs Podcast” will be hosted by Brett Broesder – co-founder and vice president of the Campaign for Tomorrow’s Jobs – and can be found at www.tomorrowsjobs.org/podcast(to subscribe on iTunes, click here).
“We’re excited about the launch of the new podcast,” said Broesder. “Hopefully it will provide rare insights into some of the brightest people in Connecticut business, media, and politics. It’ a way for listeners to get a deeper sense of who these folks are and what they do.”
The first episode features an interview with State Representative Jesse MacLachlan. During the conversation, Rep. MacLachlan discusses a vast array of topics, ranging from what it was like growing up in New Haven and Westbrook, to his thoughts on the budget, to Connecticut craft brewed beer, and more.

The second episode features an interview State Representative Chris Rosario. During the wide-ranging interview, Rep. Rosario chats about several topics including his childhood in Bridgeport, working for the City Council and Mayor's office in the state’s largest city, brownfield remediation and economic development, the school finance debate, the Bridgeport Bluefish, and more.

About Campaign for Tomorrow’s Jobs
The Campaign for Tomorrow’s Jobs focuses on growing Connecticut’s economy for present and future generations in three key policy areas: workforce preparedness, business growth & innovation and fiscal sustainability. Read more at www.tomorrowsjobs.org.

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