"PETITION: Support Connecticut's Farm Brewery Bill"

With the farm brewery bill, state lawmakers have a chance to help strengthen growing industries

The farm brewery bill – An Act Establishing a Manufacturer Permit for Farm Brewers (HB 5928) – creates a license for farm breweries, allowing permittees to advertise their product as "Connecticut Craft Beer." It also allows farm-based permittees who pay a $300 fee to make, store, bottle, distribute and sell up to 75,000 gallons of beer a year.
In addition, the permit allows permittees to sell their craft beer at a farmers market and requires permittees to use a certain amount of hops, barley, and other fermentable grown or malted in the state. More specifically, the bill requires farm breweries to use 25 percent locally grown ingredients during their first year, then 50 percent in subsequent years.

If lawmakers pass the farm brewery bill, it will pave the way for farm brewers to grow statewide. In turn, the Nutmeg State will be in a better position to win the competition for tomorrow’s good-paying craft beer jobs.

The bill passed unanimously in the state’s House of Representatives, and now awaits approval from the Senate and governor’s signature.

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