"STATEMENT: CT House Passes Manufacturer Permit for Farm Brewers Bill"

Farm Brewer Manufacturer Permit Passes House

Milford, Conn. (April 5, 2017) -- Today, Connecticut’s House of Representatives passed a bill that aims to create a manufacturer permit for a farm brewery (H.B. 5928). The permit would cost each permittee $300, subsequently allowing the permittee to manufacture, store, bottle, distribute, and sell up to 50,000 gallons of beer that is brewed on a farm annually. Also, permittees can officially advertise their product as “Connecticut Craft Beer.”

In response, Brett Broesder, co-founder and vice president of Campaign for Tomorrow’s Jobs made the following statement:

“The craft brewery industry is growing in Connecticut and nationwide. Right here at home, craft breweries have a more than $500 million economic impact every year, and that number is growing as nearly 40 new job creating craft breweries are currently in the planning stages across the state. In order for Connecticut to win the competition for tomorrow’s good-paying craft brewery jobs, we need business-friendly measures like the manufacturer permit for farm brewers.

“If it is approved by both chambers and signed into law, the permit should help boost demand for homegrown farm products while creating jobs and new tourism opportunities. By bringing agriculture and craft breweries together, we can help to revitalize our state’s economy.

“Thanks to Senator Leone, Senator Witkos, Representative Baram, Representative Smith, Representative Albis, Representative Ziobron, and Representative Candelora for their leadership on this important bill. This measure aims to help our state win the competition for tomorrow’s jobs. Therefore, the Campaign for Tomorrow’s Jobs is hopeful that the bill will get the support it deserves from the State Senate, followed by receiving Governor Malloy’s signature.”

To read testimony from the Campaign for Tomorrow’s Jobs in support of H.B. 5928, click here: http://bit.ly/2nFvo6H.

To view this press release online, click here: www.tomorrowsjobs.org/press/farm-brewery-permit-bill.

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