"RELEASE: Governor's Budget Proposal 2018-19"

MILFORD, CONN. (FEBRUARY 8, 2016) – Today, Governor Malloy released his 2018-19 biennial budget proposal (Link: http://bit.ly/2kTvlGP). In response, the Campaign for Tomorrow’s Jobs released the following statement:

“For Connecticut to win the competition for tomorrow’s jobs, the state needs to control spending and create a more predictable tax environment for businesses and workers alike. That’s why we have mixed emotions when it comes to the governor’s budget proposal.

“On one hand, it’s unfortunate that the proposal includes cuts to the earned income tax credit program and an increase in spending. On the other hand, it’s promising that the proposal holds the line on broad-based taxes, and attempts to improve the fiscal relationship between the state and its cities and towns, albeit through a flawed school funding formula fix.

“The bottom line is that the governor has clearly staked out his position, and now it’s up to both sides of the aisle in our closely divided legislature to put a stake in the ground while making fiscally responsible decisions that will benefit present and future generations.”

About the Campaign for Tomorrow's Jobs
The Campaign for Tomorrow’s Jobs is a non-profit organization that focuses on growing Connecticut’s economy for present and future generations. To read more, please visit www.tomorrowsjobs.org/about.

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